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Reed diffusers are a simple, low maintenance, and flame-free way to fill a space continuously with fragrance. Our Reed Diffusers are very popular among people who do not enjoy burning candles. We will provide you with 10 reeds in your order. We recommend starting with 6 reeds and adjust from there. Allow at least 24 hours for the reeds to soak up the solution before making adjustments. For a stronger fragrance add reeds, for a lighter fragrance remove reeds.  Please keep in mind that the more reeds you add the less time your diffuser will last. Our reed diffusers are formulated to last 1-3 months. Results may vary based on how many diffuser reeds that you choose to use. Please flip your reeds as needed to release more fragrance. 

*The color of the solution may vary from clear to light yellow, both are totally normal*


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