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Tonka + Oud

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Introducing our 7 oz Wooden Wick Coconut Soy Candle, infused with the tantalizing aroma of Tonka + Oud. This candle is the perfect addition to any room in your home, providing a warm and inviting ambiance that will transport you to a place of tranquility and relaxation.

The top notes of powder and amaretto add a touch of sweetness to the overall fragrance, while the middle notes of tonka bean and balsam add depth and complexity. The base notes of rum, light musk, dark musk, and oud provide a rich and earthy foundation, making this candle a truly unique and luxurious experience.

Our wooden wick candles are made with all-natural coconut soy wax, making it a clean and eco-friendly choice for your home. It burns evenly and slowly, releasing the fragrance notes gradually, ensuring that the aroma will last for hours.

Light this candle in your living room or bedroom and let the warm and inviting aroma of Tonka + Oud create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Order yours today and experience the ultimate luxury of our Wooden Wick Coconut Soy Candles.